Anti-Feminist Backlash

“Anti-feminist backlash: The role of system justification in the role of feminism” is a peer-reviewed journal that states society prolongs inequality because men are not ready for a change.┬áSystem justification theory (SJT) posits that people are motivated to believe that the social system they live in is fair, desirable, and how it should be, especially in contexts that heighten the system justification motive. Past researchers have suggegrace-wang-art-feminismsted that opposition to feminists may be motivated by the threat that feminism presents to the legitimacy of the status quo and men’s place in society. Because of this view, society produces things to maintain the gender barrier. For example,┬ásome scholars have argued that we are in the midst of a media-generated backlash designed to undo the empowerment of girls and women. US popular culture targets young girls with anti-feminist messages, which undermine feminist movements. While maintaining these barriers, society does not produce positive┬ámessages to those who are trying to change the world.

The theory that women gaining more rights and power will undermine the status quo is not true. This article states that people need to understand the true meaning of feminism and how women are not trying to take over the world. Instead, they are fighting for rights that should not be restricted to them in the first place.

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