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This week I had a very different process for finding my sources.  Instead of looking for sources on sexual assault, I let my research be a little more organic.  By organic, I mean that I started my second paper with an idea of an opener, and the way I thought the paper would play out, but my heart and mind brought me in a completely different direction.  As my paper developed, it became a paper that connected sexualization in America to the rape culture we live in.  I already had a lot of information on Sexual Assault but had to find sources about sexualization, so I first looked up viral dress code posts, knowing that there have been many facebook posts that have gone viral, due to unfair rules or even just sexist things men have said.  I found a popular source about one of the incidents through this search.  I then looked up sexualization of children on the olin advanced search system, and found two great articles about how children are being sexualized, I connected this to sexual assault and compared the sources.

Grace MacLeod

For my research this week, I wanted to continue in the area of gender in media and how it affects a wide range of people. For my scholarly post, I used the Olin Library search engine and looked at many different peer-reviewed articles until I found one on the under-representation of the LGBTQ community in media. I was not planning on writing a source post on this but then I decided I could relate this to my previous posts on the LGBTQ community to make an argument more informative and credible. For my popular post, I looked at a Buzzfeed article I saw weeks ago on Facebook. It showed the difference between male and female actors in films and how much women are actually disadvantaged in every role in the process of a film compared to males. Whether it be the amount of screen time, the person directing or producing it, or even the amount of money they get, women are lacking equal opportunities in this area of work. For my next research process and final paper, I hope to be able to find sources along these lines but contain something different each time as I already have an idea what my argument for paper 3 is going to be.

Raeshma Bedi

My research was very focused on my current topic: stress in student-athletes. I was able to find my scholarly source rather easily using the Olin Library advanced search with keywords ‘stress’ and ‘student-athlete.’ I narrowed my search down even further by clicking the option of only showing the scholarly articles. I was able to find a source about how athletes with injuries lower their life satisfaction while out of the sport. This was a good find for me because I am thinking about using it on my paper 2 as another source. My popular source was found rather easily. I simply Googled student-athlete stress and found an article titled Stress and The Student-Athlete. This article gave me great information on different statistics and research conducted on student-athletes and stress. I received a lot of information this WordPress that I will use on my paper 2 assignment.

Luiggi Reno

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