It’s now, or never

This week threw me through a loop. I never thought I would experience homelessness, yet alone have dinner with homeless people.  I learned and felt so many new things going on this trip that I would never have learned if i didn’t go.  Now, after the class is done, it’s time for me to plan what I am going to do with all of this knowledge. Considering I am just about to enter my second semester of freshman year there is not much I can really do to help this cause, or any cause for that matter, besides volunteering or word of mouth.  But isn’t that all you really need to do?  I was told today by the Vice-President of the SecondHarvest food bank that the best way for a non-profit organization to be successful is to involve the community as much as possible. This inspired me that I can contribute even though it is only in a small way.  That’s the myth I want to debunk: that just because you are a student or someone who can’t donate a ton of money doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to something that you are passionate about. Okay, it’s decided, I will do anything I can, no matter how small the contribution is.

So now I challenge you to go out and be engaged, do anything you can, and   try to engage the rest of the community as well.  Then maybe, just maybe, we can give these organizations a fighting chance.


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Salutations you beautiful people! My name is Becca Kleinman, I am a freshman at Rollins College, I really like bulldogs and pizza, and every time I hear someone use the word "prerogative" I immediately think of Britney Spears. I plan using this blog to share my experiences at Rollins and hopefully give some insight to prospective students. So feel free to peruse, comment and enjoy!

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