The Last Day

Today, we met with a panel of people who work with various organizations related to homelessness. We were able to ask questions and we learned a lot about governmental policies concerning homelessness. We also discussed action plans and things that we could do to lessen homelessness individually and as a group. We were all able to create individual action plans and well as group action plans. One of the examples that influenced our planning was the current Miami policy that places a surcharge on restaurant meals totaling over 100 dollars. The money gained from this surcharge is donated to homeless organizations. Through this surcharge, Miami was a le to raise over 9 million dollars for the homeless in one year. This seemed like a great way for everyone to give a little to create a huge difference.

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Hi. My name is Colleen Wilkowski. I'm a freshman English major from East Meadow, New York. I am currently attending Rollins College on a full scholarship made possible by the generosity of the Cornell foundation. On my free time, I like to listen to classic rock music and spend time with friends.

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