The Easy Street Is Not So Easy

Why would anyone believe that a person would specifically choose to be homeless? I can’t comprehend how some people despise people without homes on the basis of this belief. Would you ever want to be homeless? Of course not! It is wrong to discriminate against people just because they don’t have a home.

The movie “Easy Street” confirmed my belief that homeless people need education and help finding jobs extremely badly. This movie showed how food for the homeless in St. Petersburg is easy to find due to the abundance of organizations offering food. Homeless people in the movie explained that if you were hungry in St. Petersburg then there was something wrong with you. These people need to be educated and helped in order to get them up off of the streets. The problems that they face while on the streets must be addressed along with the causes of why they are there.

The Coalition for the Homeless addresses both the problems faced and causes of being homeless. They provide food, shelter, and hygiene for these people without anywhere else to go. On top of this, many of the services they provide help the homeless prepare for a future like job interview help, education classes, and daycare. This is the kind of program that I believe will help make a large difference if there were many located around the country. Each branch would contribute to making the rate of homelessness decrease greatly.

Each day makes me more and more grateful for what I have been given in life. Today when we got to spend time with the children at the homeless shelter it broke my heart that I knew that they didn’t have the necessities in life. I love working with kids after working at a summer camp for a couple of years, so I definitely plan on retuning as a volunteer.

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Hello! My name is Callie. I'm currently a freshman at Rollins, and I am majoring in marine biology. I am originally from Massachusetts and plan to move back there when I graduate to work at an aquarium. I enjoy horseback riding, snowboarding and counseling at a children's summer camp at a local animal shelter. I am very passionate about causes that fight for the environment. Giving back to the community is very important to me, so I'm excited for this opportunity to help build houses for the underserved.

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