“Run Toward That Which Disturbs You”

And such, our week of immersion ends. As one of our last activities of the week, we participated in a panel this morning on a number of subjects that kind of summed up what we learned and what we experienced this week. We met and spoke with panelists from the Second Harvest Food Bank, the Seminole County Government, and Coalition for the Homeless (which we toured and volunteered at yesterday). Topics discussed included the apparent ineffectiveness of VA services, the role that government does and should play in monetary, food, and health care assistance, and what we, as individuals, can and should do to relieve the problems that we learned about this week. An idea that really struck me during the conversation today was what one panelist told us that his mentor once told him: “Run toward that which disturbs you.” This struck a chord with me as an excellent way to find a cause to volunteer your money, time, and effort toward throughout your entire life. What is it in our society that sickens, disturbs, and frightens you? THAT is what you should devote your service efforts to. For me, it’s environmental and animal rights issues. For someone else, it’s hunger and homelessness. For you, it may be something entirely different. But regardless of what it is, find that that. Find that thing and do something– anything– to change it. That is how you make a difference. One cause, one effort, one step at a time.

welcome to Service Street


xx Kate

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