The work we did today was a lot different from the manual labor we’ve been doing.

If there’s one demographic of people that can always make an emotional impact, it’s children. And that’s just who we worked with today. We went to the Orlando Coalition for the Homeless. After a short tour of the extensive facilities, we set up some arts and crafts for the kids.

We didn’t even have to do extensive recruiting – the mothers just came pouring in with their adorable children. There was picture frame painting, jewelry making, bookmark decorations, and plenty of love going around. The kids were undoubtedly the cutest little humans, with paints all over their faces and clothes but absolutely loving it.

It was sad because I realized that they don’t often get to do fun things for themselves, don’t get to have a normal childhood. The children always manage to extract sympathy and understanding from even the most stoic people, because of their obvious innocence and endless cuteness. And yet they don’t have a stable home, stable surroundings, consistent caregivers. It was heartbreaking.

I really enjoyed watching Becca Kleinman discover her motherly nature. She is going to be the most adorable mother ever.

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