Coalition for the Homeless

Today, we volunteered at Orlando Coalition for the Homeless. We made arts and crafts with children and their families. The people we met were all really nice. They were really excited to participate in the activities that we had planned. The housing provided by Coalition for the Homeless provided these people with a friendly environment where they could try to improve their lives.

The children in the building seemed to not even realize they were homeless. They werte so happy and playful. It was really great to see that they could be so happy despite their situation.

After our visit, we watched Easy Street, a movie featuring some of the people we met on Tuesday night. It was so interesting to see them in the movie when they had still lived on the street. One man, G.W., has made a dramatic change from his role as a homeless man to the person he is now. In the movie, he looks tired and beaten down. Now, he appears strong and triumphant. The movie reinforced what they had all told us during our meeting on Tuesday. The homeless people are not bad, irresponsible people. They are good people in a horrible situation who need help.

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