List of Interesting Statistics books

Let’s make a summer reading list for fun statistics books. Your list shouldn’t include textbooks on statistics, biostatistics or medical statistics. Once the name of the book is posted, you can’t repost the same name. Please include a book review (if you can) for your book suggestion. You have time until 11:00pm on April 25th to submit a post on this subject. Here’s an example

The Lady Tasting Tea: How Statistics Revolutionized Science in the Twentieth Century by David Salsburg
Review by: Chris Olsen

Review can be found in
Journal of the American Statistical Association, Vol. 97, No. 458 (Jun., 2002), p. 650 Published by: American Statistical Association

SAS Function Notes

Besides from the class handouts, please post SAS tutorial website/resources (cite the source) that has examples of the TH Computer Lab class material such as SAS functions (Contents, Freq, Mean, Univariate,…). Due date for this post is April 11th 2013. Here’s an example Once the source is posted, you are not allowed to post the same source again.

Correlation or Causation

Please post peer-review articles or newspaper articles that discuss the relationship between response variable and explanatory variable. Explain the result section of the paper in your own words and discuss if the paper concludes an association or causation between two variables. Due date:  5:00pm, Feb 26th.

Article Sample with different experimental designs

Provide an article related to biology or the health sciences and that uses

Completely randomized experimental design or

Matched-pairs experimental design or

Randomized block experimental design

For your article, please answer following questions

1) What’s the research question?

2) What’s the response variable?

3) Determine factors

4) Explain the details of the experimental design.

Please reply to this post by Tuesday  Feb 12th (midnight) to receive credit for your participation.