Why do we care about Biostatistics

Kylie Pillard
Biostatistics is related to real-life applications and to my own goal as a biology major in many ways. As a biology major biostatistics is important to me because when I graduate I want to go into some kind of medical research and eventually go to graduate school to become a physician assistant. Biostatistics can be applied to many different fields, it is an essential tool for any medical research, clinical decision making, and health management. Therefore knowledge in biostatistics is essential in order to be successful in any of these careers that relate to biomedical research. Also a very important part of the biology major is being able to design experiments, conduct research and analyze and interpret data which are also all important parts of Biostatistics.
Biostatistics is a branch of applied statistics that is taught with a focus on biomedical research. It can be seen in everyday life without most people even realizing it. Whenever someone talks about the risks of getting certain diseases such as cancer or heart disease, that is based off of statistical data on medical research. Researchers use statistical tests to determine results from clinical trials and experiments. One way that biostatistics is applied to real-life is the use of statistics in medicine and public health provides the public with ways of better understanding the risks for certain diseases. However, biostatistics is applied to many different fields including, bioassay, demography, epidemiology, clinical trials, surveys of human populations, community diagnosis, bio-mathematical modelling, etc… It is critical to medical research in all different fields because it converts crucial data into useful information that can be used by physicians and researchers. Satiations design all the studies that help to provide evidence and prove hypotheses about different medical research. This is done by collecting data, summarizing data, and interpreting data. For example, if there is a drug company that wants to design a drug they can’t just assume that it will work, it has to be tested on humans first in order to see if it has an effect. Statisticians will design the study that will help to prove and provide evidence that the drug might work. they will decide how many patients they will need, what the expected result will be, and they do all the design stage and analysis. This is an example of how biostatistics is used in real life by converting data into important information.
Biostatistics is also critical to medical research because it teaches you how to properly interpret scientific data that is generated. Being able to interpret statistical data is very important for many fields that deal with medical research. For example, epidemiology uses biostatistics and research to make conclusions about diseases in certain groups and populations and it helps find the causes and risks of certain diseases. Medical statistics helps researchers arrive at certain conclusions about a hypotheses and many physicians use their data and results in their decision making. Critical reviewers of biomedical literature have continued to dine that more than half of the published articles that used statistical methods contain errors. Because so many medical journals contain statistical data it is very important that people know how to interpret it correctly. The demand for biostatistics is really strong right now because it is so critical to all of medical research and medical research is expanding with the ability to extract data from very large databases.

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