The Costumes

Matt as Mr. Hardcastle (left) and Nick as Diggory (right)

Matt as Mr. Hardcastle (left) and Nick as Diggory (right)


Our actors are doing a wonderful job, but no theatre piece would be complete without the amazing costumes! The costume designer, Lisa, did an absolutely magnificent job in designing these lovely period costumes for the production. It has been such an incredible experience, being able to see all of the actors transformed into their respective characters with the addition of costumes and makeup this week. Opening night is just around the corner, and I couldn’t be more excited!

-Sarah Griffin, ASM

Tech Week is Coming!!!

With the designer/crew preview under our belt, tech week is just around the corner! The set is coming along very nicely and looks just fabulous! All of our lovely actors and actresses are working hard as we come down the home stretch. Opening night is just a week away!! I can’t wait to see how it all pulls together, and I’m especially anxious to see what all of the costumes will look like. We’re almost there, everybody!!

-Sarah Griffin, ASM

You Bit My Banana!

“You bit my banana!”

This is just one of the many hilarious lines that our wonderful director Dr. Nassif has added to our upcoming production of She Stoops to Conquer. The scene involves Tony Lumpkin and his cousin, Constance Neville, as they banter with each other. The play is chock-full of many laughable moments, so be sure not to miss it!

-Sarah Griffin, ASM

Everybody Dance Now!

Hello everyone!!

After a week of running both act I and II, the cast dedicated an entire rehearsal to dance! Profs. Robert Sherry and  Robin Harris stopped by the Annie Friday night to teach the cast 18th century dance moves. The cast had exciting time learning how to properly flick their fans and handkerchiefs along with giving a delightful curtsy or bow.  Dr. Joseph Nassif, our director, hopes to incorporate bits of choreography throughout the show to create an atmosphere of 18th century revelry. I have included a sneak peek of some of the great work accomplished that night! She Stoops Curtain Call

Also, if you want to dive further into the world of She Stoops to Conquer, come to the Pre-Show Prologue with guest speaker Dr. Jennifer Cavenaugh, a specialist on women in theatre. It is at the Winter Park Public Library on Tuesday, April 2nd at 7 p.m. Hope to see you there!

– Olivia Matthews, ASM

She Stoops to Conquer!

(Left to Right) Nicholas as Muggins, Grace as Aminidab, Zack U. as Tony, Ryan as Hastings, Zack Z. as Marlow, and Kevin as Stingo

Hello everyone! This is Sarah, the costumes ASM for the upcoming production of She Stoops to Conquer. I’m a freshman and an aspiring theatre major, and this is my first time in an ASM position. Myself and my co-ASM Olivia are having a fantastic time working alongside the amazing Anastasia and the rest of the fabulous actors and actresses who are all working very diligently at our nightly rehearsals. Pictured here are just a few of our wonderful cast members rehearsing a scene that takes place in a local pub, The Three Pigeons!

Drowsy is looking hot!

Hello everyone! I am the stage manager for the Drowsy Chaperone, Stefany Sosa. We are in our 4th week of rehearsal and things are coming together! We have everything blocked and are working on our first run through of each act. The cast is working so hard. I can barely sit still watching them run these amazing numbers! At this very moment Kiki Sabater, is rocking out her song “As We Stumble Along”. She is an amazing Drowsy Chaperone. Keep an eye out for our next post! We will be introducing a new cast member in each new post!

It’s Time for the Drowsy Chaperone!

Hello Everyone!
My name is Wendy and I am the ASM for our next show, the Drowsy Chaperone. I am a junior history major who loves to spend a lot of time working in the theatre. This is my first time being an asm for a show. So far it’s been a great and exciting process. We’ve already been a couple of weeks into rehearsals and the show is looking great!

Be on the lookout for more updates soon!

Between Firecrackers and Chaperones

We’ve enjoyed hearing your comments and feedback on Annie’s blog adventure!  Soon, you’ll be introduced to our newest set of bloggers: Michell and Wendy.  They are the Assistant Stage Managers for our upcoming production of The Drowsy Chaperone. We hope you’ll join us for the musical adventures behind the scenes at the Annie Russell, as we forge ahead with our 80th Season!

This is an interactive blog, so feel free to post questions or comments for us.  We love hearing from you.

Theatrically Yours,
Olivia (PR & Box Office Manager)

Hey Guys!

So we have opened our doors and underwent our first preview of the show. All the crew and designers were able to sit down and enjoy their first look at the Miss Firecracker Contest and it was extremely well received! The cast is pumped for a real audience to arrive now.  Everyone is ready, now more than ever, to tie up any loose ends we may still have and plunge ourselves into a week of nonstop work and progress. We are in the home stretch before opening, super excited! Check back later tonight for updates on makeup, costumes, and props.

-ASM Hanna

We’re almost there!

Today was our last production meeting which only means one thing, we are officially heading into TECH WEEK this weekend! Checking in with our costumes, things are going well and coming together with all fittings coming to a close. These costumes are well on their way to being finished and seen on stage. For the set, the final pieces are being put together and then we will be cleared to dress our set and really make the space come alive and our final props will be moved in on Saturday. Next week we will be adding our lights and sound and throwing everything together for our final dress runs (get excited). Needless to say we have come a long way but still have a tech week to go!

Make sure to check back Thursday to see the next stage of Miss Firecracker Contest!
– ASM Hanna