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The process between my research and my writing has been an unusual one. I have found it difficult to incorporate this research into my writing. As I continue to write along sometimes I feel stressed about the fact of how I’m going to incorporate the text in my work. Over the course of the semester I feel I have had good paragraphs and bad. As I look back I feel the bad paragraphs come from me trying to incorporate a source and getting away from the core feelings of the paragraph.

The course of my research has changed, paper one I did all the research up front and then started and finished the paper. In paper 3 my research is ongoing. I found the paper takes a different shape if I let the research continue with an ongoing formate.

If I have to chose on how to continue papers like this in the future I would not stress so much about having all the research all at once. I would have a couple of good sources and start the paper and as the mood of the conversation changes look for supporting documents that fit the topic. I feel this creates a more fluid conversation vs a choppy type or forced conversation.


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