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The Radical Management of

The Radical Management of



This peer-reviewed article titled “Successfully Implementing Radical Management at” is written by Stephen Denning. is one of the most successful examples of a company who converted from traditional management all the way over to radical management. This case describes’s radical management practices. It also reveals the pitfalls that were avoided. provides services on-demand for customer-relationship management. Research has shown that from about 2006 to 2011 has in five years provided a 41 percent annual return to shareholders. This is what is known as an innovation turnaround — and it only occurred after the radical management practices were put into place. This was the creation of a new business model for businesses wanting to grow from continuous innovation. When’s innovativeness was threatened, it adopted a radically different management style. The set of management practices, known in software development as Scrum, is agile, driven by the customers, focused on outcome, and iterative.

This source is relevant to my ongoing research of business school alumni because it reveals a new set of management practices that need to be implemented into every business school curriculum — principles of radical management. Traditional management no longer works in the 21st century in this quick-change information era and with the disruptive technologies that have come into existence. This article reveals what practices have been proven to work and what issues have been avoided by this incredibly innovative company.


Stephen Denning. “Successfully Implementing Radical Management at” Strategy & Leadership 39.6 (2011): 4-10. Web.

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