Research Process

Process Post 3: Argument-Based Research

Our group has gotten more experienced in the process of researching to find relevant sources. One method that is extremely helpful when we do not yet fully understand the issue of our interest is to do a Google search on the topic. This results in popular sources on the topic which are written in more of layman’s terms versus the peer-reviewed articles. Reading these popular sources and clicking on suggested articles leads us on a research journey. We go down a path of “breadcrumbs” that leads us to a new and transformed topic than that of which we originally found interest. There is no way that we could have fathomed this transformed topic from the beginning. Following the breadcrumb trail was completely necessary in order to refine our topic.

There has been a trend seen in our group of topics changing throughout the research process. The act of just doing the research is productive and stimulates thinking about an aspect of the topic that could possibly be more intriguing. Through researching and posting on WordPress, we have been able to evaluate our previously researched sources from a distance. From visiting the actual site, we can see the “big picture” of what sources we have found so far simply by the titles, featured images, and blurbs. Housing posts on our site has proven tremendously convenient for reference when actually typing our papers. We have discovered that some of our past sources do not fit into our ongoing writing, and that is okay. That discovery is what the research process is all about.

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