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After reading a little bit about the Sunrail that connects Orlando to Winter Park I had to look at some other transportation options that their were instead of the Sunrail. There may be no other logical way to make the endeavor to Winter Park from Orlando. You really don’t want to or maybe might want to rethink riding your bicycle for miles at a time even though it would be a great workout. The only logical substitution would be to make the drive. Whether its from street light to street light trying to find the back way to Winter Park or the dreaded drive on I-4. Either or is not an easy task. This article speaks on the on going constrcution of the long awaited and still basically development of The I-4 ultimate Project. The project is estimated to take up to 6 and a half years to construct fully. During that extensive ┬áprocess traffic is predicted to be one hundred times worse than it already is. With lane closures and exit closures being a main cause of this, along with the wait comes more accidents, more traffic and more reports of road rage. Also, the gas that is wasted just sitting in traffic will definitely hit the wallet a bit harder if you ask me from experience. Maybe those back roads and street lights don’t seem like a bad idea at all. The Sunrail might also be seeing a spike in popularity pretty soon also. Well at least in the next 6 and a half years at least.

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