Research Process

Paper 3: Process Post 1

Our group has realized that the most common writing assignment we will encounter beyond ENG 140 will be a variation of Paper #3, the research-based argument paper. Therefore, we have decided to pay close attention to the details regarding this paper and to embrace the research process. In class, we were introduced to logical ways in which we can begin to develop our research questions. We began this process through guided freewriting, question mapping, and applying limiters. We brainstormed topics which we wanted to gain a deeper understanding of, which were most likely topics of discussion in Paper #2, and then delved into a multitude of possible questions we could ask about the topic in order to dig deeper.

Some of us were able to pinpoint an exact question for pursuit, while others remained stuck in the questioning stage for a little bit. However, those of us in the questioning stage grew closer to our question of choice after spending some time researching the Rollins library database. We used the advanced search and just started typing in interesting facets of our topics. After reading titles of articles in our search results, we were able to narrow in on a particularly interesting, highly-debated aspect of our topics.





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