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Motherhood and Career

The Women’s Health Weekly article titled “What’s the ‘Ideal’ Age to Have a Baby and a Successful Career?” revealed the results of a co-branded “Working Moms” survey, which surveyed mothers on and is a multiplatform brand focused on first-time moms, and is a website for career-minded women. This survey polled over 2,000 women on their experiences and opinions on the much-debated topic of motherhood and career. It reveals everything from how motherhood has impacted women’s careers to career satisfaction to when they had their first child and how they felt returning to work post-baby. Carley Roney, editor-in-chief of, states “As women balance biology with modern goals like a fulfilling career, bustling social life and happy marriage, there’s no doubt that women are increasingly trying to find that sweet spot on when to become a mother and have it all.” When it comes to the “ideal age”, this survey found that women believe 25 to 29 is the sweet spot.


This source is relevant to Alumni Life’s ongoing research because our women alumni struggle with when to start a family during their busy lives of working in their desired career. As a college graduate, they worked hard putting in time and money in order to pursue a degree that would place them in the career of their choice. Well, their lives are not as easy as just working this career forever and pursuing a top position on the corporate ladder if they want to start a family one day. Women alumni have been debating for decades about when the perfect age is to have a baby, and how to work around their career when doing so.


“What’s the ‘Ideal’ Age to Have a Baby and a Successful Career?” Women’s Health Weekly 18 Mar. 2010: 738. Academic OneFile. Web. 1 Apr. 2016.

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