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process post

The process between my research and my writing has been an unusual one. I have found it difficult to incorporate this research into my writi [...]

Process Post 3: Argument-Based Research

Our group has gotten more experienced in the process of researching to find relevant sources. One method that is extremely helpful when we d [...]

The Radical Management of

The Radical Management of   This peer-reviewed article titled “Successfully Implementing Radical Management at Sa [...]

research post paper 3   In th [...]


  After reading a little bit about the Sunrail that connects Orlando to Winter Park I had to look at some other transportation options [...]

Social Pressures on Today’s Women

  For twentysomethings thinking about how to time their schooling, career advancement, and family building, he offered this advice: the [...]

process post paper 3

The process for paper 3 has been a bit easier than the other papers written so far. By now the team has the flow of the process down, so res [...]

Argument based research paper 3

file:///Users/pauldombrowski/Desktop/Job%20Security,%20Higher%20Income%20Two%20Benefits%20Of%20A%20College%20Degree,%20Experts%20Say%20-%20P [...]

Paper 3: Process Post 1

Our group has realized that the most common writing assignment we will encounter beyond ENG 140 will be a variation of Paper #3, the researc [...]

Motherhood and Career

The Women’s Health Weekly article titled “What’s the ‘Ideal’ Age to Have a Baby and a Successful Career? [...]
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