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Paper 2 critical discussion

“Hearing a son or daughter say they’re majoring in the liberal arts has never made more parents’ hearts sink into their st [...]

Research on the Value of Pre-MBA Work Experience by Crummer Alumnus

  For one of my sources for my critical discussion paper, I discovered the peer-reviewed article titledĀ “Measuring The Economic [...]

Process Post

Process post for Paper 2 We are in the very early stages of our second paper of the semester. Over the last couple of days the team has been [...]

Paper 2 Critical discussion

Point/Counterpoint: Liberal Arts education UWIRE Text. (Dec. 10, 2015): p1. Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2015 Uloop Inc. [...]

Paper 2 Critical discussion

College rankings crush liberal arts education Daniel R. Porterfield The Washington Post. (Sept. 23, 2015): News: Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2015 T [...]
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