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Sadly enough, this is my last post for one of the most inspiring weeks I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Everyone that went on this trip has inspired me to become a person in which strives to be as inspirational and kind as each and every one of them. Tonight at our farewell dinner, everyone brought so much passion and commitment. It was so amazing watching everyone pitch their future commitments. Whether it was something as small as a bracelet or as life changing as a plan of action or getting involved immediately with organizations that you are passionate about.

By, going to St. Petersburg and seeing all of these individuals who have had these really tough lives whether it be placed upon them for some reason or another but they always seem to find a way to find something to be happy about. And it’s the simple things in life like that. It’s just inspiring to remember the little things. Because its easy to get upset or angry about something that you don’t have or that you wanted and didn’t get. But when you take a step back and look at all these people they don’t have nearly as much as we do and sometimes its just easier to push away the thought that people aren’t nearly as fortunate as we are.  Like I have a bed to go home and sleep in, a roof over my head. And there are some days when I complain about having to clean my room because it is such a mess because of all of the things that I have. Whereas some people don’t even have a room to sleep in. and its really sad to me because I take that for granted. I don’t mean to.. but I do. And I just there was a way that I could give back somehow because they’ve inspired me to remember the little things in my everyday life. To smile. Like this year I feel is going to be an AMAZING year. This year has started off where I have met some of the most kind and intelligent people that I have ever met. And I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of them, more than I already do. They’ve inspired me to become this person I’ve always wanted to be. To live my dreams. And go out and be a global active citizen. And I honestly can’t thank them enough  for changing who I am and my life. And I know that sounds cliche but you guys are awesome. Every single person that I had met on this  trip brought something into my life that I might not of had another time. And I just got back from Australia and I hadn’t met nearly anyone in the new class and I feel honored to be able to call each and everyone of you my friend. And I cannot wait for this year to begin.

Peace y’all!

Becca 🙂

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Hi, my name is Becca Bowden! I am currently a sophomore at Rollins College! I was born and raised in Central Florida! For as long as I can remember I have had a love of the ocean and environment. That is why I decided to major in environmental studies. I am planning on moving out to California when I graduate to work with the coastal areas :) I have tons of energy and love to laugh! I would like to think that I am pretty amusing, so I really hope that you enjoy my, hopefully, semi-witty posts! :D

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