Unfortunately this is the fifth and final post of the Habitat experience. I am so upset to say that this time together has come to an end. Over the last few days I feel we have all really become a family and I hope and believe we will all remain so even after this semester begins and the intercession ends.

Meeting for breakfast on Friday morning, Molly, Chelsea, Nelson, Sneh, and I all spent most of our day preparing our final presentation and creating the bracelets for our call to action. We shared ideas, worked together, and really reflected on the things we had seen and the good we had done. We talked about the men and women that GW had been able to help rise from the hopless bottoms of life and the amazing time we had spending dinner with them and getting to hear their stories. We also spoke about the bus rides, the inside jokes, the physical and mental draining of working with Habitat for Humanity, and the immense rewards we expereienced from it all. We continuously refrenced back to our time at the coalition and the stories that warmed our heart and burdened our minds. Thorugh the time I spent working with this group I really came to realize just how life changing this ecxperience has been. It honestly has changed me as a person and I believe I will carry it with me for the rest of my life.

Sitting around a table listening to the people I had sat side by side with the entire week, I was moved by just how amazing they all were. Every single person had such a wonderful act of committment and an inspiring physical reminder. I am so proud to be able to say I know all of this unbelivable people, and even call them my friends.

For our project, we created a facebook group for all who had been a part of this experience as a means to stay in touch and keep eachother up to date on individual and other service projects. We also made beaded bracelets witrh the saying Raise The Roof in multicolors in order to remind all of us everyday of our exerience with Habitat for Humanity and our committment to further progress in the world. We hope that it will remind all that wear it continue to help in any way they can, and to show how small deeds and beads can come together to greate someting much greater. Most importantly however, the bracelets serve to show how we are all connected, and that service is a never ending committment. We hope you wear them with pride.

Spread the word and never forget how together, we can raise the roof!

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Hey! My name is Gabrielle Adams. I'm a freshman at Rollins College, and I'm proud to call myself a Tar. My hobbies include playing lacrosse, soccer, basketball, and being outdoors. I really enjoy helping others, and I hope that you are able to gain new perspectives on poverty through this blog on my Habitat for Humanity experience in St. Petersburg!

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