five and final.

It was nice to sleep in but right when I woke up I wanted to be back with the little family that we have created over this past week. I do not know if all the immersions are like this, but this week has really been special.

My group decided that we were going to a combined act of commitment as well as individual ones. It was really nice working as a group because we got to reflect together on what the week meant to us, as well as have personal time to reflect on what was important to us specifically. We decided to make bracelets for everyone in the group. They would serve as a remind of our time together because of the phrase, “raise the roof” on them. They were also bright colors in the hopes that people would ask what they mean and we’d proudly respond and share the details of our amazing experience this week. The bracelet is symbolic because of our jewelry making at the coalition but also is symbolic in its circular shape showing our never-ending commitment to service. As a group we are challenging ourselves to getting together as a group and doing some service activity together. We also made a Facebook page so that we could all communicate and support each other in future service activities.

My personal act of commitment stemmed from my personal experiences and knowing that sometimes children get overlooked because we do not think that they know any better or understand things that happen to them. I met a number of amazing children over this week and I feel like just spending time with them and being there for them is something that they need more than anything right now. I’ve decided that I am going to become a Fern Creek Tutor to a boy named J’Kai Abrams who had the courageousness to approach me and ask me if I would be his tutor in math. I couldn’t be any happier being able to spend a few hours with him once a week or a month, whatever he needs.

This week for me has been a reinforcement to me to be thankful for what I do have and how important my safety net is but also I think sometimes that we get caught up in our own world and we leave behind the problems that are bigger than we are. As a member of society you are aware of the social problems but you don’t do anything to help because you think that you do not have the resources to fix the whole problem. As a consciencious citizen I’m going to challenge myself not only to think on a smaller scale of helping the people that have been affected by homelessness with a “hand up not a hand out” and realize the difference that that makes in their lives BUT ALSO make my peers more aware of this mentality.

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