Day five.

Finally our intercession had to end. And there was no one in the entire group who was not upset about it. But, we still had our final Act of commitment presentation. I partnered with Molly, Chelsea, Gabrielle and Nelson, so we could come up with a much bigger idea and can impact broadly.

¬†Our commitment was simple, “help the one who needs help”. We designed beautiful bead bracelet for every single one of us who were on the trip along with their initials on it. The whole idea behind these bracelets was to be aware every single day, what your duty is. The bracelet had the saying, “raise the roof” which meant to help a person in someway or the other so he/she can have a roof on top of their head.
These bracelets will also create a sense of curiosity amongst other people who will notice it and if asked, we would proudly edify them about the great work we did during the intercession and hopefully they get inspired and do them same. And also by talking to them they will free more secure and open up themselves to their ideas and we would off course help and support them with complete dignity.
We also decided as a group that every month we would make at least on trip to any homeless shelter and will be helpful to them in one way or the other. I also my own person commitment, which i am attaching the file to.
I have been in college for three years now and I NEVER had any class similar to this. The experience I got out of it, the social awareness, people I met, friends I made etc are things I would never be able to get by sitting in a class every other for two hours. The entire experience changed me as a person and changed my perspective about homelessness and poverty.
Proud to be a rollins student.

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