Tonight was our last meeting as a group. We ate dinner and discussed with Jenny our time at the Coalition. Afterward, we all shared our Act of Commitment with the others. Earlier, I painted a picture symbolizing what was needed to escape homelessness based on Alan’s acronym H.I.T.: Housing, Income, Transportation. The painting explores the interconnectedness of these resources, and how to have one you must have another, which makes attaining all of them together even more difficult. I have already hung it up on my wall so it can be a daily reminder of my Act of Commitment, which is to talk to at least one person a week about the issue of homelessness while trying to dispel the stigma that surrounds it.

Tonight was very important for the effectiveness of our Acts of Commitment because it provides the “accountability” piece. This word instantly reminds me of my faith because it is tossed around a lot in church communities. When a person makes a commitment to do something, a huge part of whether the commitment will be carried out in the long run is by having people around who know the commitment and can encourage the person to act toward the goal on a daily basis. Having all these friends around who can make sure I follow through is reassuring and gives me confidence as I try to be faithful to my commitment.

This week has been incredible. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to be on this trip and learn so much more about this social injustice of homelessness. Thank you to all those who have worked to make this happen. I hope and pray that all of us will remember what we have learned and continue to work towards being active citizens of the world.

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