A Quiet Election

  July 2, 1893 A Quiet Election ALL IS OVER- THE NEW COUNCIL ORGANIZED. Last Monday as per call of ex- Mayor Chubb the city election under the new act was held. About 30 persons, maybe a few more, voted,

“ADVOCATE”: The dedication

February 14, 1890 The dedicating of the two new school buildings here Tuesday, was one of the most remarkable events that have happened in Winter Park. At 2:30, the hour designated for the dedicational exercises the hall over the school

It Is Still Alive.

February 11, 1893 It Is Still Alive. Hannibal Square must Come out. THE FIGHT AGAINST THE PRESENT INCORPORATION IS AGAIN ON TO BE FOUGHT TO THE END. DEAR ADVOCATE:–The petitions posted on the post office building a few days ago

Retiring Message of Mayor Chubb – a splendid vindication of the town government

June 23, 1893   To the Honorable President and Members of the Town Council:   Gentlemen: It becomes my duty to notify you that the Secretary of State of the State of Florida has sent me a copy of a

To The Advocate: Certain men who are…_2-23-1893

Winter Park, Fla.  2-23-1898 To The ADVOCATE:  Certain Men who are Certain med who are endeavoring to run the town by the infamous Gerrymander are making statements on the street- corners that the money of the town is being stolen,

Coming and Goings

July 25, 1891 We have had some beautiful moon shine nights during this week. Plenty of rain this season, cool breezes, and a little hot sunshine. Grass and weeds are growing very fast on our streets and sidewalks. Mrs. J.


Dedication       Knowles’ Public School No. 1, the handsome building but recently constructed at Winter Park, was last Tuesday afternoon formally dedicated. The dedicatory exercises were opened with prayer by Rev. E. P. Hooker, after which was an appropriate song


Date Unknown A FLOURISHING TOWN WHICH HAS NO SALOONS OR PAUPERS. EATONVILLE (FLA.) Letter to the New York Sun: This is a place wherein no white person lives; an incorporated city owned, in habited, and governed exclusively by Negros, with


  August 15, 1891 A Literary Society was organized in Hannibal Square last Tuesday night with the following named persons as officials: G. C. Henderson president, J. H. Walker rec. Secretary, F. R. Wilson 1st vice president, W. B. Simpson

“Prof. J. H. Ford, acting president, returned…”

September 7, 1893 ———- Prof. J.H. Ford, acting president, returned from Chicago about two weeks ago. He placed an exhibit of Rollins College in three different parts of the World’s fair, in the Educational Department of Liberal Arts, in the