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Its A Scheme

  September 16, 1893 A resolution passed by the last meeting of the town council will be found in this issue of The Advocate. It is to be applauded for its generosity, Just thin what a scheme! “That they”. the

To The Advocate: Certain men who are…_2-23-1893

Winter Park, Fla.  2-23-1898 To The ADVOCATE:  Certain Men who are Certain med who are endeavoring to run the town by the infamous Gerrymander are making statements on the street- corners that the money of the town is being stolen,


Eatonville ———- A TOWN OWNED AND CONTROLLED BY COLORED MEN. ———- April 4, 1891 ———- They have full set of municipal Officers-Something about the Business of the Place. Eatonville, situated just two miles and a half North of Winter Park