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The men who run the Town government- Their Re election on Thursday

October 15, 1892 The men who run the Town Government- Their Re election on Thursday. Thursday was election day here and, although there was but one tickit up for elective honors the interest displayed in endeavoring to get out to


August 29, 1891 THE CHASE-MOORE LIBRARY MEETINGĀ  The literary club, recently organized among the Hannibal Square people, was again in session last Monday night and the meeting was quite an interesting one. A good crowd was out to witness the

Stray Notes from Winter Park 7/27/1895

July 27, 1895 It is said that the Dryer grove, just north of the town, will have a goodly number of orange on its trees this year and that it no evil prevents it will produce a good crop next

Coming and Goings

July 25, 1891 We have had some beautiful moon shine nights during this week. Plenty of rain this season, cool breezes, and a little hot sunshine. Grass and weeds are growing very fast on our streets and sidewalks. Mrs. J.


  August 15, 1891 A Literary Society was organized in Hannibal Square last Tuesday night with the following named persons as officials: G. C. Henderson president, J. H. Walker rec. Secretary, F. R. Wilson 1st vice president, W. B. Simpson