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A Colored Mans Views

A Colored Man’s Views WHAT HE THINKS OF THE GERRYMANDER. Winter Park, Fla., 2-24-93. Editor Advocate: — I am very sorry to see the plans of a few people to reopen the old incorporation fight which we all hoped had

Dr. M A. Henkel left Friday morning

July 15, 1893 Dr. M A. Henkel left Friday morning of last week for Virginia his state of nativity to visit relaive and friends. Mrs. Atnetritla Isreal, wife of our popular grocer F. R. Isreal le t last week for

Its A Scheme

  September 16, 1893 A resolution passed by the last meeting of the town council will be found in this issue of The Advocate. It is to be applauded for its generosity, Just thin what a scheme! “That they”. the


  FROM HON J R MIZELL—THE JUDGE KNOWS AND HE TELLS WHAT HE KNOWS. March 4, 1893   Meeting Hon. J. R. Mizell on the street a day or so since our Reporter asked him a few questions and received

A Quiet Election

  July 2, 1893 A Quiet Election ALL IS OVER- THE NEW COUNCIL ORGANIZED. Last Monday as per call of ex- Mayor Chubb the city election under the new act was held. About 30 persons, maybe a few more, voted,

It Is Still Alive.

February 11, 1893 It Is Still Alive. Hannibal Square must Come out. THE FIGHT AGAINST THE PRESENT INCORPORATION IS AGAIN ON TO BE FOUGHT TO THE END. DEAR ADVOCATE:–The petitions posted on the post office building a few days ago

“Prof. J. H. Ford, acting president, returned…”

September 7, 1893 ———- Prof. J.H. Ford, acting president, returned from Chicago about two weeks ago. He placed an exhibit of Rollins College in three different parts of the World’s fair, in the Educational Department of Liberal Arts, in the