Winter Park, September 16, 1898

The vacation days of the college student are rapidly drawing to a close, and once more the thoughts of college life begin to fill the minds of the young man and women who are striving to thoroughly equip themselves for their life’s work. Among many young men and women of the state, Rollins College is the center of thought, and the prospects for this excellent school are brighter than ever before. That its reputation for solid strength is appreciated throughout the state is shown by the continued increase in the attendance of students, and the increase this year promises to be still larger than it was last year. Nearly all last year’s students will return, and many new ones have signified their intention of entering Rollins this year for the first time.

The value and reputation of a college depends largely upon the instruction given, and the instruction necessarily depends upon the composition of the faculty. In its faculty Rollins College is peculiarly fortunate, and its reputation for thorough instruction is well deserved. Since accepting the position as head of the institution, President Ward has labored indefatigably to unite in the teaching corps of the south, and that he has been successful in calling together a strong teaching force, which will compare favorably with any college of its scope in the north or south, every friend of Rollins fully realizes. Not satisfied, however, with past achievements in this line, the president has still further strengthened the faculty this year, and the numerous students of the music school will count themselves fortunate in the new director, an accomplished musician and experienced teacher of established reputation, who comes with the best of recommendations.

Miss Anita Bibbins, the new musical director, is widely known in the United States. She was educated in San Francisco, graduated at the Italian Institute with Domenico Sparanza, and afterwards graduated at the N. E. Conservatory, under the Dr. Louis Bass and Lyman Wheeler. Besides establishing a reputation in Northern States by her teaching, Miss Bibbins has also become well known in the South. For two years she gave instruction in Stephens College, Columbia, Mo., then she taught in Wesleyan College, Macon, Ga., and afterwards for three years prior to going abroad for a period of study, she was director of music in Whitworth College, Brookhaven, and Miss. She studied with Trabadelo in Paris, and, after returning to this country, she studied under Cuttrless Warde of Chicago. She has graduated pupils both in piano and voice, and is experienced in all the varieties of vocal instruction, private lessons, class sight singing, chorus or choir work. Rollins has always taken pride in the work of its school of music, and now feels gratified in having its reputation sustained and strengthened by the work of the new director the coming year. Again Rollins is happy in the addition to its faculty of Rev. Oliver Ci Morse of the Bible Normal School of Springfield, Mass. Mr. Morse is well known throughout the country as a talented man of great ability, and his instruction in Bible study and other courses will be highly appreciated. He is deservedly counted an important addition to an already strong faculty.

Rollins College looks forward to a most successful year for all who are connected with the institution, and its broad and generous spirit of helpfulness extended to the earnest young people of the State who desire a Christian education of broad culture and refinement deserves and is receiving the hearty support of Florida’s Christian people.

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