Stray Notes from Winter Park 7/27/1895

July 27, 1895

It is said that the Dryer grove, just north of the town, will have a goodly number of orange on its trees this year and that it no evil prevents it will produce a good crop next year. This is the kind of news the orange eaters like. We hope to hear such cheering news of other groves.

Mr. H. C. Clark, who has so creditably conducted Mr. L. H. Lawrence’s business here for the past ten years or more, recently purchased 80 acres of land near Eatonville adjacent the land donated Edward Waters College, running one-half mile west, alongside the Apopka road. The ADVOCATE congratulates Mr. Clark on his valuable purchase and hope others will follow suit.

Mr. E. L. Maxson, notwithstanding the hard times, will tip the scales away up beyond 175 lbs. We doubt if we have noticed anyone whose physical condition was so wonderfully increased in so short a time, as that of Mr. Maxson.

Judge J. R. Mizell, the oldest “rat” in the barn is getting ready his political ponies for ’96. The Judge has blood in his eyes for some of those republicans who, he claims, have been untrue to party principles and at the proper time he will send his ponies out, rode by old and shrewd riders. The Judge is opposed to manipulation in any form.

The members and friends o the M. E. Church have a grand reason to feel proud of the completion of their church edifice. Sunday of next week they will move in their new church and services will be held in it thereafter. The windows, or some of them, are particularly attractive; some of them containing memorable lines of the givers. Rev. Martin, the pastor, is a fine Christian gentleman and one worthy of the respect and admiration of every person.

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