After taking Writing About Rollins with Dr. Littler, I realized for the first time in my academic career how much more there is to writing. In previous courses, grammar and addressing the main topic of discussion were the primary focuses of our work, but in this class, we broke down the writing process and opened up different avenues of understanding. Focusing on establishing the exigence, rhetor, audience, and constraints present in a rhetorical situation, I soon realized how identifying the various aspects of writing enable one to better address them, creating a more thorough and persuasive paper. Knowing the audience I am trying to reach and the manner in which I should do so, I am then able to research in a more precise manner, making the writing process more efficient and effective. These qualities cannot be underestimated in college, where articulating oneself through writing is essential to getting a degree and succeeding in the professional world. Finding sources was never too difficult of a process because of the help of Dr. Littler and the librarians gave us in navigating the Olin Library database. After research began to fall into place, the focus came back to the writing and how to best address the audience and constraints that would play a role in developing a clear argument. Overall, this course honed my writing skills by shining a light on more than just clarity and strong beliefs, showing that the structural breakdown of a written piece should be addressed and understood before a writer can persuade an audience in the most effective way possible. I plan on using the approach taught in this class with all of my written work moving forward, and I am happy to have been provided such a great opportunity to develop my skills as a writer. – Peter Finegan

This course has completely changed my views on writing. In the past, writing was not an enjoyable task for me. However, now that I see writing as a process for growth and exploration, I have a much more positive view on it. I have gained so many skills from taking this course that have actually made writing more enjoyable for me, because now I feel a lot more confident in my own writing abilities. A major takeaway for me is how to research efficiently on the Olin Library database and other online collections. Not only do I now know how to find what I am looking for, but I know how to integrate it into my writing in an effective manner. I will definitely take these new skills with me throughout the rest of my college career, and continue to grow as a writer. – Danielle Marks

Revising these papers was very interesting but challenging as well. I enjoyed it because I was able to learn about a few different aspects of Rollins and college life in general. However, it was challenging because it’s all the rhetor’s opinion. I found it a little difficult to try to correct the paper, but at the same time you have to make sure the paper doesn’t change its stance. I found it especially difficult when the rhetor was acknowledging both sides of the argument. I had to first decide which position he was taking, then correct it based on the position he supported. At the same time though, I had to make sure both sides of the argument were represented, understood, and explained well. Overall, it was something knew and I saw it as a new challenge from an editing standpoint. – Ben Johnston