McCarthy, Claudine, ed. “Increase Student-athlete Success by Establishing Effective Partnerships with Alumni.” College Athletics and the Law 12.1 (2015): n. pag. Web.

This article discusses some of the benefits that student-athletes have after school.  One major area that student-athletes are a step above everyone else is they have more connections.  A normal student has some alumni that they can go to and who wants to help out.  However, the connection throughout an athletic program is so much stronger.  Almost every former athlete is willing to help the present athletes if they need help finding a job, or anything else for that matter, after school.  Todd Stansbury understands this well when he says “One of the real assets of any university and athletics program is the strength of its alumni and access to the power of its network.”  This is the case mainly because a team bond is very strong, and that includes the alumni.  Many alumni feel like they are apart of their team for the rest of their life, and that is welcomed by schools.  This leads to a great advantage when a student-athlete graduates and is looking for a job.  More likely than not, he will know someone that can help out, and it’s because they played for the same school.