Schneider, Ray G., Sally R. Ross, and Morgan Fisher. “ACADEMIC CLUSTERING AND MAJOR SELECTION OF INTERCOLLEGIATE STUDENT-ATHLETES.” College Student Journal 44.1 (2010): 64-70. ProQuest. Web. 14 Apr. 2016.

This article talks about the “easy way out” when it comes to student-athletes.  In history, and especially recently, there have been scandals at many schools over the classes that athletes take and whether teachers make it easy for them because athletics helps the schools so much.  This article specifically talks about “clustering” which is when many athletes are pushed into certain majors because they are athletic friendly.  Whether that means they are easier or the schedules line up with practices and games, it is attractive for the coaches to put their players in those majors.  However, players are supposed to major in what they find interesting and then figure out their athletic schedule.  This is related to student-athletes at Rollins picking classes early because we won’t have to worry about a situation like this occurring.  If we can strategically schedule the classes we want around our practices, we are taking full advantage of every aspect of college, and we are doing it the way it’s supposed to be done.