“3 Benefits of Playing Sports in College.” NCSA Athletic Recruiting Blog. NCSA Athletic Recruiters, 2013. Web. 12 Apr. 2016.

Although more obvious upsides such as physical health may come to mind, the benefits of playing a collegiate sport are more abundant than most people think. Supporting my claims regarding the positive effects of sports on student-athletes’ development, this NCSA report suggests that relationship development and a greater opportunity at job placement are realistic possibilities improved by dedication to a collegiate sport. A study performed by NCSA asked 100 CEOs who they would hire – a collegiate athlete or a non-athlete, with all else being equal. 100% of the responses favored student-athletes, and even 60% of those CEOs said they preferred the athlete over the non-athlete even if the latter had better test scores. These results are a true testament to the personal development that occurs when a student-athlete must keep an even keel despite adverse conditions often associated with an inherently busy academic and athletic schedule. This adaptability and drive to succeed is recognized, and employers understand that “the lessons learned through years of being an athlete translate into a quality employee” (“3 Benefits…in College”). The future for student-athletes is bright, and there is no downside to the health and social development that are as prevalent as their opportunity to be hired and succeed in the professional world.