Cornwell, Grant H. “Making Up Your Mind: The Project of Liberal Education.” Rollins College. Warden Arena, Winter Park, FL. 20 Aug. 2015. Convocation & Matriculation Address.

In this speech, Rollins College President Grant H. Cornwell addresses the incoming freshman class and welcomes them to the college. The topic of his speech pertains to the mission of Rollins College and how it is achieved, and also the liberal arts. President Cornwell starts off with the strong message that “Rollins College educates students for global citizenship and responsible leadership, empowering graduates to pursue meaningful lives and productive careers,” and then he goes on to state that “We (Rollins) are dedicated to scholarship, academic achievement, creative accomplishment, cultural enrichment, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. We value excellence in teaching and rigorous, transformative education in a healthy, responsive, and inclusive environment.” These few sentence are an accurate and powerful summation of what Rollins College is all about. President Cornwell then challenges students to reflect on Rollins’ mission and “examine,” how it resonates with their own personal missions. He lets you know that it’s okay not to know yet, to still be “making up your mind,” as the namesake of the speech suggests. President Cornwell overall introduces the incoming freshman class in a powerful, but also comforting way.