Moving forward with Paper 3, I have expanded my search and begun focusing on the various aspects of student-athlete life to provide readers with a better understanding of my beliefs. Through research found in my recent source, I have noted research regarding stress, academic success, and efficiency of collegiate athletes, all areas of life that embody a student’s purpose for attending college in the first place. Actually finding this source was a little more difficult as the number of available references seems fairly limited. I may use different keywords moving forward to gather as many relevant sources as possible, helping me build my case that student athletes grow and succeed as good as, if not better, than their peers. – Peter Finegan

In my ongoing research for Paper 3, I have found a few more relevant sources that I can tie into the paper to support my argument of why one should attend Rollins College. I actually feel like I have enough sources to support my argument, but I only have two peer reviewed sources thus far. This is where I have been struggling the most for Paper 3, but knowing that I could use sources from my previous paper helped a lot. In researching to find my final peer reviewed source, I am going to broaden my outlook to try and find something I can connect to my argument. – Danielle Marks

This was an interesting process post for me because I used an article that I used for paper 2. This forced me to look at the article from a different angle and to try to have a new perspective on the article based on the change in topics. Instead of looking at it with a neutral perspective, I was able to see how it can support my argument. It reads a little bit differently when I read it with a slight bias. However, it supports my claim very well, and I think it will be very useful to support athletes picking their classes early. – Ben Johnston