Sellers, Evie. “Small College Class Size Benefits.” Small College Class Size Benefits. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Apr. 2016. <>.

In this article, the author makes the argument of smaller class sizes in college being more beneficial to students. The author, Sellers, has four points to support her argument: small class sizes give students more “opportunities to ask questions, contribute to discussions,” get to know your professors, and also to get to know your fellow classmates. Sellers devotes a paragraph to each of these points and makes her argument with facts. A small class gives students more opportunities to ask questions because you are not in a large lecture hall with hundreds of students. In fact, class discussions are promoted in small classes. Because you are not in that lecture hall with hundreds of student, the professor is able to facilitate discussions that actually help students to learn better by allowing them to use specific vocabulary in context and engage with your course material. Through these class discussions, students are able to get to know their professors better, which benefits learning and may lead to more opportunities to learn outside of the classroom by having a mentor. Finally, small class sizes allow students to connect with one another more easily which helps not only academically, but personally.