Hamilton, Kendra. “Creating a successful student-athlete: discipline, focus and hard work are just a few attributes, says advising expert Dr. Ruth Darling.” Black Issues in Higher Education 8 Apr. 2004: 30+. Academic OneFile. Web. 8 Apr. 2016.

In this article, Ruth Darling talks about how athletics can help many students succeed in their academic lives.  It’s an article I also use for paper two, and I think it’s an interesting perspective on an athlete’s life in terms of juggling school and sport.  It’s all about using sports, what most student-athletes are passionate about, to motivate an athlete to succeed in the classroom.  However, the lessons she teaches her athletes are also applicable when looking at all other aspects of a student’s life.  It’s about taking full advantage of non-athletic activities because you can learn different concepts that can improve your athletic ability.  This is a great method because whenever you can relate two or more aspects while you’re learning something, it means it’s helping your overall education and life instead of just being one dimensional.  It also means the skill set is being applied to real life situations and there is critical thinking that goes along with that.  By understanding the relationship between academics and athletics, the education you attain from both is infinitely more useful.