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How to not plant a tree

“In planting trees much depends upon the preparation. To take up three or four bricks of a paved sidewalk, dig a little bit of a hole, and then to thrust a poor stump of a tree, with mutilated roots, roughly into this place, dumping a little ordinary soil upon it, and allowing the poor unfortunate […]

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How to keep Niagara Falls from being made into a coal pile.

“Do this: Write today to your Representative in Congress and to both your United States Senators.  Insist respectfully but urgently upon their personal attention in Congress to the saving of Niagara, either to introduce a bill themselves or to support a bill when it comes up.  Have your friends also write. Don’t send petitions: they […]

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What kind of Capital is this?

“tell your Congressman that you believe in a billboard less, wholly beautiful Washington, with its historical places properly protected. Insist that the original plan devised by Washington and L’Enfant be adhered to and completed. It is your city!”

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Keep the Streets Clean

After a plan to keep three blocks of a paved street clean for a month was not effective, someone took the task on and Harrisburg had 21 miles of clean, paved streets.  (Published October 1905) Summary: A concerned citizen of Harrisburg took the initiative and made sure that the paved streets were clean and spotless.  This […]

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Keep the City Cleaner

At a cost of only $97, the result was attained of “seeing the city kept cleaner, the yards a pleasure to look upon, many houses painted, and the canal locks made into flower gardens.”  (Paragraph 15) (Published October 1905) Summary: This seems like a minimal amount of money, but in those days it was a […]

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Seattle’s Hard Work

Seatte’s Post-Intelligencer printed photos of portions of the city that had been cleaned up, depicting their hard work.  (Paragraph 10) (Published October 1905) Summary: This was to show the city’s dedication and persistence in the clean-up process.  The photographs gave the citizens a visual representation of their work to beautify their city. Quote: “To emulate […]

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Seattle Newspapers Promote Cleanliness

Seattle newspapers continued to print daily pictures of various parts of the city that were unclean or needed to be taken care of.  This prompted wide-spread cleanup efforts by the citizens.  (Paragraphs 6-8)  (Published October 1905) Summary: The photos were meant to light a spark under the citizens of Seattle to clean up their beloved […]

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Owner Cleans Yard

A wealthy Seattle homeowner protested that his lot was clean, but he ended up cleaning it up due to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer publishing photos of his yard.  (Paragraph 3) (Published October 1905) Summary: The newspaper sort of cornered the homeowner to clean up his yard and his reputation was at stake also.  The photos really […]

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Help For the Helpless Trees

My article Help for the Helpless Trees was about saving and helping trees in cities.  It also talked about how there was too much lumbering is going on in America. It said we are not careing about our land how we should. It said we should re-use the land that was deforested by planting more […]

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Save the Trees!

Ladies Home Journal, Feb. 1907 “Reduce the poles-save the trees!”-McFarland, Los Angeles, CA A summary of this column is that to make room for growing technology (specifically telephone lines), city dwellers are cutting down trees to make room for the giant poles. MacFarland states that, as human beings living on this earth, it’s our responsibiliy […]

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